about DevOps

  • Trigger、CI/CD、pipeline is just part of Ops. Think how to develp, test, deploy and operate your product conveniently and immediately for your customer.
  • Think about the cost on pipeline related resource cost before implement it.
  • Cloud provider and community already provide powerfull tools to help us combine pipeline quickly. Pipeline may change everyday, don’t waist time for a perfect one. One Click to deploy is enough.
  • QA should join the cycle as their prefer way. Listen their opinion and help them take an active part in the pipeline cycle. Save their time on replacate work.
  • Don’t waste time on guess what will happen next on Automation Continuous Test. ACT is used to show whether new commit effect previous deployed code. Test the undeployed code manuelly and make summary for them.
  • Artificial Repository sometimes is useful, but not neccesary at the beginning.
  • A panel to show build and deploy result when commit happens.