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NuGet CLI 概述

Nuget命令行接口nuget.exe, 提供完整的及管理的功能,可以在在不修改任何工程文件的情况下对包进行安装、创建、 发布。

使用nuget命令只需在命令行窗体或bash shell中运行 nuget <子命令> <可选参数>即可,例如nuget help pack(显示pack文件的帮助信息)。


  1. 在Mac及Linux发行版中,安装Mono 4.4.2及以上版本
  2. 访问选择想使用的版本。
  3. 下载链接为 nuget.exe 文件,保存至指定文件夹备用。此文件 不是 安装包; 在文件管理系统中双击执行不会得到任何结果。
  4. 将放置 nuget.exe 的文件夹添加至PATH环境变量以便在其他位置方便的使用CLI调用它。


  • Windows平台支持所有的命令。
  • 除了明确指明的pack, restore, 及 update,All commands work with nuget.exe running on Mono
  • Mac及Linux平台同样可以通过dotnet CLI 调用packrestoredeletelocals、 和 push 命令。



普通命令 适用情景 Nuget版本 描述
pack 创建 2.7+ 通过.nuspec 或工程文件创建nuget包。Mono下不支持通过工程文件创建。
push 推送 All 将package推送至源服务器。
config 所有 All 读取或设置Nuget参数配置。
help or ? 所有 All 显示通用帮助或单条命令的帮助信息。
locals 消费 3.3+ 清理或列出列出包缓存地址或全局包 or the global packages folder, or identifies those folders.
restore Consumption 2.7+ Restores all packages referenced by the package reference format in use. When running on Mono, restoring packages using the PackageReference format is not supported.
setapikey Publishing, Consumption All Saves an API key for a given package source when that package source requires a key for access.
spec Creation All Generates a .nuspec file, using tokens if generating the file from a Visual Studio project.
二级命令 适用情景 NuGet版本 描述
add Publishing 3.3+ Adds a package to a non-HTTP package source using hierarchical layout. For HTTP sources, use push.
delete Publishing All Removes or unlists a package from a package source.
init Creation 3.3+ Adds packages from a folder to a package source using hierarchical layout.
install Consumption All Installs a package into the current project but does not modify projects or reference files.
list Consumption, perhaps Publishing All Displays packages from a given source.
mirror Publishing Deprecated in 3.2+ Mirrors a package and its dependencies from a source to a target repository.
sources Consumption, Publishing All Manages package sources in configuration files.
update Consumption All Updates a project’s packages to the latest available versions. Not supported when running on Mono.

Different commands make use of various Environment variables.


情景 命令
消费 config, help, install, list, locals, restore, setapikey, sources, update
创建 config, help, init, pack, spec
发布 add, config, delete, help, list, push, setapikey, sources

Developers concerned only with consuming packages, for example, need only understand that subset of NuGet commands.